OneLife Mastery Summit - Barcelona 2019


May 24, 25, 26, 2019


OneLifer: Loyalty, Honour and Recognition.

An unprecedented event, a meeting point for the Top Leaders of the network marketing Industry. OneLifers from all over the world come together in one room, on one stage to represent their region.  

A unique meeting where the most successful and recognized leaders will transmit the keys to perfect your skills in the network marketing and sales industry. Surprise guests.  

All tickets include access to the 2 main training days of the Barcelona Mastery Summit. 

Come and learn the strategies of entrepreneurs, strategists and most recognized leaders in the network marketing industry. Following these principles will help you get to the next level in your life and business. 

For 3 days, you will live the experience of being part of the Diamond Elite of the company, accompany them in their constant journey of preparation and training, share with them their lifestyle. The Barcelona Mastery Summit brings together people belonging to the corporate staff, experts and leaders of OneLife, on one stage to share with you their strategies and some of their secrets. 3 days of high-impact training, with the keys to developing a massive action plan and implement it in your life and business. There will be speakers and lecturers accompanying you on this path to success, carefully selected, based on their hard work, their results and the impact on the community. Are you ready to follow their advice?  

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The Barcelona Mastery Summit will be attended by some of the most outstanding professionals and experts in the field of the development of skills, unlocking human potential and enhancing talent. 


Emotional strategist. International speaker. Artist. Producer and creative writer. If you already know him, you know that any description falls short when it comes to Omar Villalobos. If you don’t know who he is, you are about to discover a great personality that will change your life. Omar Villalobos is all about knowledge, experience, dynamism, authenticity, the unpredictable, the revolutionary, love for freedom, passion for knowledge, self-learning and teaching. Omar Villalobos, originally from Juárez, Chihuahua, is one of the most influential people in Latin America in the field of human development and practical psychology. His work of coaching at multiple companies, his hundreds of recognitions, among which an honorary doctorate from the Ibero-American Council in Honour of Educational Quality and the Guinness Record in organizing the biggest hug in the world in 2012 in Peru, and his undoubted charisma have earned him the admiration and affection of millions of followers.


Our surprise guest has a brilliant mind for business, it is one of the greatest motivators and mentors that exist on the entire planet. In fact, he has been and is a mentor to millionaires. He knows how to generate massive wealth at lightning speed, with ambition, with passion, with vision, with clarity and courage. He dominates sales, strategy, psychology and neuroscience applied to marketing. 

And he will be at the Barcelona Mastery Summit with all of us giving us tools and helping us create an unstoppable mental state to take our business to the next level! Do you want to know who it is? Very soon, we will give you the answer!  



The important thing is to attend, learn and get infected with the overflowing energy that you will experience at this event. The best reason to attend is simply to be there. You cannot miss this event. At events is where the most important decisions of your career are made.


An ideal place close to the stage to synchronize with the leaders and your team. A perfect ticket to live the atmosphere in the heart of the event and to get inspired by leaders around you.  

This ticket gives you the following benefits:  

  • Exclusive and priority access to the 2 days of Event (May 25 and 26)  
  • Access to the Mastermind mentoring (May 24) Souvenir event t-shirt  


A higher ticket category for top level leaders who attend the event along with their teams. It is the perfect ticket to attend the two days of the event and, in addition, to access the Mastermind training and the cocktail party.  

This ticket gives you the following benefits:  

  • Exclusive and priority access to the 2 days of Event (May 25 and 26) 
  • Access to the event lounge without waiting in line 
  • Access to the Mastermind mentoring (May 24) 
  • Access to the cocktail party (TBA date) 
  • Souvenir event t-shirt  


In addition to being the most exclusive of the tickets, it offers reserved seats with your full name on them (seats assigned in the order of purchase). 

This ticket gives you the following benefits:  

  • Exclusive and priority access to the 2 days of Event (May 25 and 26) 
  • Access to the event lounge without waiting in line 
  • Access to the Mastermind mentoring (May 24) 
  • Exclusive surprise activity with Top Leaders of the industry (May 27) 
  • Access to the cocktail party (TBA date) 
  • Exclusive dinner with Black Diamonds and external speakers (TBA date) 
  • Reserved seat with your full name 
  • Souvenir event t-shirt 
  • Special Platinum Experience Kit (surprise items) 
  • Pre-booking at the hotel venue of the event (Hotel expenses are not covered) 
  • Transfer Airport - Hotel (round trip) 
  • Transfer Hotel - Event (3 days of the event) 
  • Platinum Lounge during the event 
  • Snack Bar included (In the lounge during the event) 
  • Exclusive access to the Plat Experience community 
  • Information and exclusive access to the Plat Experience WhatsApp group 
  • Mentoring with Black Diamonds, Question and Answer Session (May 24)


Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona

Plaça de Willy Brandt, 11-14

08019 Barcelona



You can become a PROMOTER of the event...


The first six people who sell 200 general tickets and 50 of any other type will get: 1. Recognition as AMBASSADOR of the BARCELONA MASTERY SUMMIT EVENT. 2. A surprise prize at the event 3. Access ticket PLATINUM EXPERIENCE 4. Access ticket as a Platinum Guest (1st rows, exclusive group), to “Unleash the Power Within” by Tony Robbins in London from April 11 to 14.  

Promotion valid from February 1 to March 31, 2019.