OneLife Mastery Summit - Barcelona 2019

27, 28 y 29 SEPT. 2019

Growth, Knowledge and Passion

The Barcelona Mastery Summit will be the first of a series of events that will be held around the world, gathering at each of them a select group of speakers and experts in different subjects. Our main mission will be to provide you with tools to turn your life into the best experience, the greatest adventure and your personal work of art. We will offer special trainings for you to be better prepared for business and to boost your personal development. You will learn to live consciously and to get the most out of your life in the coming months and years.  

Come and learn the best techniques of personal and professional administration with the help of some of the most renowned mentors in the world of personal development at the global level. The "ODT Mastery Summit" is a series of conferences that will be held in several cities each year and where during three days, the focus will be on the most intense and effective personal development training. We have created a system of development and training tools relying on the experience of the best coaches worldwide. You have a unique opportunity to enjoy in one room the knowledge and the experience of some of the brightest minds in business, psychology, motivation, health, personal development, and much more. Get ready for the educational and transforming experience of your life.  

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OMAR VILLALOBOS "Emotional strategist"  

International speaker, expert in human psychology, artist, producer and creative writer. One of the most influential people in Latin America in the field of human development. His work has impacted thousands of people's lives and has brought him numerous awards.

GRANT CARDONE "Globally renowned sales expert"  

Grant Cardone is an icon in the area of sales, business and personal development. This American entrepreneur boasts more than 30 years of success, and now educates others to become such. Author of Best Sellers and organizer of amazing conferences with trainings in all areas of life.

JOSE GORDO "International coach"  

Jose Gordo is the author of several books on success, sales and financial freedom, as well as a coach who has educated and trained people on all the continents of the world. His special touch: applying military discipline to personal development in order to achieve a formula of success.

SIMON LE "Entrepreneur and expert in finance"  

For decades, Simon Le has created a solid career in the world of finance. He has been the founder and CEO of his own businesses and has never stopped learning and undertaking. In recent years, he has also become a successful network marketing professional who leads and trains great teams.

MARIANA LOPEZ DE WAARD "Versatile business woman"  

Mariana has always challenged herself, and that is why she has worked in several sectors, including real estate, sales and personal development. She has experience in technology and speaks several languages: a coach who sees no limits, but more areas where to create excellence.



Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona

Plaça de Willy Brandt, 11-14

08019 Barcelona